This page will contain links to videos I find as I wander around the net that pertain to the subject matter here. I don’t necessarily endorse everything that’s covered in all of these clips, but in general if I link to it, it’s because I think it contains valuable information that people will benefit from.

Long Form Videos

I’ll try to limit the number of long movies I link to here, but there are a number of good ones that are worth your time.
America: Freedom to Fascism

Official Website.

An interesting look into the inner workings of the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Directed by the late Aaron Russo, this is another long film that is good for opening people’s eyes to how the government works… at least a few divisions of it anyway.

Money as Debt

An excellent introduction to how money works today. Here’s a hint, it’s not as clear-cut as most people think.  The ending of the film takes a decidedly socialist bent with it’s proposed solutions to the current problem, but don’t let that keep you from getting a solid education on money.

The Corporation

An excellent documentary exploring the rise of modern corporations.

Part I

Part II

Robert Newman’s “History of Oil”

Funny & informative at the same time…


Official Website

This movie has some controversy surrounding it, with claims of plagiarism being made. One of the people involved with the film also has been seen ranting against critics of the film. Regardless, the film is pretty powerful and wanders down a lot of dark alleys of the human experience.

Be forewarned that the movie is broken down into three basic themes: religion as a form of social control; 9/11 was an inside job; and the modern financial control system. I found all three parts interesting, but it’s part #3 that really shines IMO.

Who Killed John O’Neill?

Official Website

If you think the official 9/11 story has holes in it, this movie will only reinforce that feeling. While I find the whole 9/11 story interesting and think that the ‘Official Story’ is a load of obfuscated crap, I don’t spend that much time reading up on it and spend almost no time blogging on the subject. There are plenty of other folks who focus on this subject and do a much better job of covering it than I do.

This particular film is of interest because it focuses more on the actors in the shadows of the story. As Disraeli once said, “The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those not behind the scenes.” This film touches on some of these people and organizations…

Short Clips

The Shock Doctrine

A short film narrated by Naomi Klein that covers the basic points of her book of the same name.


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