New Video Page

Just a short note to alert folks to the new “Videos” page. I’ll add to this over time as I run across stuff.

It’s mostly long films right now, based off of ones I’ve previously viewed. I hope you find some of these titles of interest. Some of them you’ve probably seen before, but perhaps there’s something new that you can use.

Also, I’d like to welcome to new readers that came here via “The Oil Drum.” Professor Goose & associates were kind enough to link my post on Jeffrey Rubin’s interview on their DrumBeat page and I saw a nice spike in traffic today.

2 Responses to New Video Page

  1. raincloud2008 says:

    One of my favourite pastimes at lunchtime at work is browsing the various blog sites. I have found numerous well written articles of interest.
    Today I was searching wordpress for ”environment” and came across this site

    My first reaction was shock, disbelief and anger. How can so called religious people not care about the environment and then have the audacity to use God in their justification of their beliefs.

    These people need locking away.

  2. Bart says:

    Thanks for your note.

    I’m not an expert on such things, but apparently some strains of Christian fundamentalism are anti-environment either because destroying the earth is necessary to bring on the rapture, or those groups see no need to save the planet since the true believers will all be beamed up to heaven in short order.

    The anti-intellectualism that is displayed by some religious bodies is worrying to me. Putting future generations at risk due to some dodgy interpretations of scripture is foolhardy at best.

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