Resources for Sustainability

This page contains links to stuff I find on the net that I find interesting and relates to the subject matter here. It’ll change over time.

Peak Oil

Robert Newman’s stand-up move “The History of Oil” is both hilarious (assuming you like the British style of humor) and informative.

Tools for Gridcrash is an interesting PDF that contains a lot of interesting things the aspiring doomer will find useful.


For a quick intro to the magic that is fractional-reserve banking, here’s a short parable.


The Zen Backpacking Stoves site contains lots of plans for making your own small, lightweight stoves that will run on a variety of fuels. For a stove more suited to heating a small building, check out the Winiarski Rocket stove (new link). There’s a video of making a rocket stove here. is a nice resource for using sun ovens.

I’m a big fan of cast iron cookware. The two most reliable brands out there right now are Lodge and Camp Chef. The best forum I’ve found for recipes and help is at the International Dutch Oven Society.


The plant database at Plants for a Future is comprehensive, though I’m not sure how much of their information is valid for my bioregion, since it’s based in the UK.

In a similar vein, here’s the Insectlopedia.

Few people seem to make enough compost.  Here’s one solution that’s literally full of crap (free book download).

For gardening tools, I like Rogue Hoes, Nupla Shovels, Fiskars garden tools, and Felco pruning shears. If you like the tools mentioned in Eliot Coleman’s “The New Organic Grower,” check out the offerings at Johnny’s Seeds.

(Last Updated 4/25/2007)

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