This video is hilarious, in a make you hold your head in your hands kind of way.   I agree with Fred… more spending is only going to put off the day of reckoning so long.   Teach your kids the finer points of debt management now, for they’re all going to get a lot of it to pay off in the future.

Money quote: “This holiday season, be extra nice to the kids. Bless their hearts they have no idea what’s in store for them.”

Fred Thompson was almost operating like he was in a coma during his run for the presidency.   He must have gotten a second wind now that he’s in no danger of having to provide solutions.   People may not agree with his politics (I certainly didn’t on a number of subjects), but here I think he’s spelling things out pretty clearly… oh, and both parties will be responsible for the economic bloodshed that’s coming.

HT:  Ticker Forum


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