Grab Your Popcorn

Happy Monday!

Let’s see… Lehman Bros. and Merrill Lynch are now both toast.   AIG is asking the Fed for something… possibly a bridge loan.   WaMu is looking sickly, and the best news of all is that the Fed is now accepting any investment-grade equity as collateral for loans at the discount window.    The big deal with that is that there very well may still be some mortgage-backed securities that are rated that high.   Imagine being able to trade a bunch of fetid paper in for cash?

Wall Street is panicking, and no-one is really noticing that oil has now slipped below $100/barrel again.

If you have any cash in banks, I would keep an eye on financial news for some time to come.  Even if you don’t have a whole lot, there are reports that the FDIC (the government agency that is supposed to guarantee depositors) may exhaust it’s reserves if a few more banks go belly-up.  They can always go to the Fed for more money if need be, but doing that would open up a whole other Pandora’s Box.

We live in interesting times… unfortunately.


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