SPP Project Dead… For Now At Least

A bit of interesting/good news on the political front.  I wrote a few months ago about the ongoing efforts to promote the ‘Security & Prosperity Partnership’ of North America, or SPP.   The SPP is/was an unelected bureaucracy set up to explore ways for Canada, the USA and Mexico to work together on a number of issues ranging from immigration & border security to economics.   Some pundits in the press and blogosphere were warning that this was the first step in setting up a North American version of the European Community, with all three countries surrendering at least part of their sovereignty to an unelected power structure.   While the denials of such activity were frequent, promoters of the concept also admitted that they thought such integration would be a good idea, adding yet more gas to an already burning fire of speculation.

Well, the SPP backers have apparently thrown in the towel for now.   I found a link to a short article on World Net Daily regarding the death of the SPP.    Seems neither incoming president would favor the process, and it’s gotten a ton of bad press regarding the “The strategy of acting on technical issues in an incremental, bureaucratic way and keeping the issues away from public view..”  No shit, sherlock.   Not everyone in this country is asleep at the wheel, and when bureaucrats start meeting in private and signing agreements that our elected representatives cannot oversee, some people get nervous, and others get mad.    Secrecy in government is usually a bad thing, and is makes people suspicious.  If things are truly above board, then why operate in the shadows?

The SPP backers will continue to push the concepts of cooperation (a good thing, if properly supervised) and integration (not so good in my opinion).     Hopefully the new administration, regardless of party affiliation, will not have the same zeal for secrecy and ideology that the current one has.   One can dream, right?

NB:  I believe that most of my readers are of a more-or-less liberal mindset.  Maybe I’m mistaken… In case anyone thinks I’m off my rocker for hitting sites like WND, I generally try to read news sources from multiple viewpoints.   Spin is pretty much universal, and some news like this is only accessible via more ‘fringe’ media sources.  No one has a monopoly on the truth, and by browsing sites with a wide ranges of viewpoints I like to think I’m engaging my critical thinking skills more.


One Response to SPP Project Dead… For Now At Least

  1. d.a. says:

    I agree, spin is indeed universal *sigh*. Glad to see that there are more of us who try to get a more fully rounded viewpoint. Kudos!

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