More empty political pandering masquerading as an energy plan

We here in Minnesota have our fair share of political hacks and nutjobs just like any other state.  First-term Representative Michelle Bachmann is attempting to jazz her re-election bid by proposing a ‘plan’ to slash gasoline prices back to $2 per gallon.

Her plan?  In a nutshell it’s basically to throw open any area of the country for oil drilling, open several new oil refineries, and some incentives to invest in alternative energy.    From where I’m sitting, we’ll do number one sooner or later anyway, since it’s too late to gracefully transition away from fossil fuels without doing so.  The proposal for more oil refineries doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense unless she’s planning on setting them up for processing ‘heavy’ crude like oil sands and that nasty sulfurous stuff that Saudi Arabia and elsewhere are billing as wonderful new sources of oil.   The alternative energy investments is a nice add-on as well, though there are no specifics.

My main problem is that Rep. Bachmann is touting her plan as a way to ‘push gas prices back to $2 per gallon.’  The only rational response one can have to that idea is something along the lines of ‘put the crack pipe down.’   Bachmann is deluding someone… whether it’s herself or her electorate we can only guess.

I’m all for politicians from both sides acting like mature grown-ups and discussing the crucial issues of the day.  Throwing empty rhetoric out such as a pie-in-the-sky promise to return the USA to the golden land of $2 gas is either cynical pandering or a good example of how out-of-touch this candidate is.  Having had Bachmann as a state senator for a few years, I’m willing to believe either case.


2 Responses to More empty political pandering masquerading as an energy plan

  1. BJ says:

    I think the scariest assumption would be you rep actually beleiving her own words. Or more likly the words of a high priced consultant feeding them to her. Pandering can change as swiftly as the wind. Stupidity takes a lot more effort to correct. I’m been a petroleum geologist for over 30 years and have a pretty good idea what drilling in new areas, both economicly and environmently appropriate, might accomplish. And it’s not going to stop PO. But if we’re real lucky it might soften the impact some.

    Just pray she doesn’t decide to use state money to support refinery expansion. Your neighbors over in the Dakotas watched the Feds throw millions of $’s in the coal-to-liquids project over there back in th early 80’s. The plant was later sold for scrap at literally a few cents on the dollor.

  2. Bart says:

    Thanks much for your comment.

    I agree… Bachmann is most likely being fed this position by a consultant or the main party.

    Based on recent news, there’ll be an oil boom of sorts in the Dakota for a few years anyway. The Bakken formation will bring new supplies online, but it won’t come close to matching the declines from Mexican imports.

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