So it begins…

We had our first political candidate ring our doorbell last night, so the general election season has officially begun.  It was actually the wife of a candidate for the state house, but for all intents it’s the same thing.  My wife had a short chat with the lady, took a flyer and then went about her business.  When I got home from our son’s T-Ball game, she showed me the flyer and mentioned what a nice lady she talked to.

I took one look at the flyer and asked my wife what party the candidate was affiliated with.  She had no idea, and a quick scan of the ad revealed nothing.   After a few moments, it became obvious to me that the guy was a Republican… the incumbent for this seat is a first term Democrat, and one of the few paragraphs on the flyer that wasn’t feel-good mumbo-jumbo was a blurb regarding how this guy would stand up for allowing people to “make choices about their children’s education”  (i.e. private school school vouchers).   When I pointed that out to my public school teacher wife, she raised her hackles and looked as if she needed to go take a shower to remove the taint from the GOP flyer.

What is interesting is that at the lower level of politics, the Minnesota GOP has decided (in some districts at least), to try and sell the personality of the candidate rather than specifics about the platform being pushed by the party.  It appears to me that the Repubs in this state are worried about getting rolled this November, and quite frankly, after the hash they’ve made of things in D.C. over the last 8 years, they have every right to be.  It’s the Dems’ turn to mess things up for a while.

Just an interesting tidbit some of you might find of interest…


2 Responses to So it begins…

  1. Rob R. says:

    I live in South Minneapolis and the Republicans won’t identify themselves in any advertising. I’ve noticed this during a couple elections. They’re not even worthy of third party status here. I’m not sure this is really important, but it’s interesting.

  2. Rebecca says:

    They are doing the same thing here -and this is Alabama, stronghold of the GOP. I think that more than anything says they are running scared. As they should be.

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