‘A Malthusian-inspired “Heads Up” for humanity’

I think I found this via The Oil Drum… I can’t remember right now. Anyway, if you need a reminder of what we are going to be facing in coming years, or perhaps you have a friend or family member that needs some convincing, here’s a site that will give them a decent intro to peak oil, with links to follow for more research.

Evolutionary Psychology and peak oil: A Malthusian inspired “heads up” for humanity.

One of my favorite parts of Professor Mills’ presentation is his discussion of the race between Malthus and Kurzweil. The idea of two exponential trends in a race to decide the future of humanity is an interesting one, especially considering that regardless of which of these trends wins, we all could end up in one type of hell on earth or another.

The tie-in of evolutionary psychology would make Jay Hanson smile. More proof that the dominant response to a negative sum game like the one we’re starting to play now will likely not be one that involves a lot of sharing and a community effort.


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