Bush to Arab Nations: You’re Running Out of Oil

I thought the official government word on peak oil was something along the line of “it’s a bunch of hooey, or it if will happen, it won’t be for, like, 40 or 60 years!”

How does that square with this article?

President George Bush yesterday told leaders of the oil-rich states of the Middle East that they must face up to a future without their precious hydrocarbons.

In a stark warning, he said their supplies were running out and urged them to reform and diversify their economies. The outgoing United States president told the World Economic Forum, meeting in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, that it was time to “prepare for the economic changes ahead”.

Say what?

Interestingly enough, Mr. Bush’s warning comes only days after being told to pound sand when he requested that the Saudis pump more oil. Let’s figure out the logic here… first we ask our ‘friends’ to pump more precious black gold to help make it cheaper.   Amazingly, the Saudis see no problem with selling the Great Satan oil at $125 per barrel and politely tell Mr. Bush to take a long walk off a short pier.   A few days later, we lecture our Arab friends with the notion that they’ll be running out oil sooner rather than later, and they had better get with the program if they don’t want to be left in the dustbin of history.

For a leader with a long history of ignoring the peak oil movement, it sure sounds like he’s been cracking some books recently.


One Response to Bush to Arab Nations: You’re Running Out of Oil

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