The Global Battle for Resources

Interesting article from the Financial Times on the World Economic Forum held earlier this month in Davos, Switzerland, courtesy of Speaking Truth to Power:

“The costs of food and energy are rising fast. The availability of water is also becoming an issue, from Australia to Africa. The struggle for these three basic commodities – food, energy and water – came up repeatedly in Davos.”

The Davos forum is one of those times when the world financial & political elite gather to hob-nob, pat themselves on the back, and think about their plans for all of us in the coming years. When these folks have no idea what the hell is going on, watch out. The one thing they seem to know for sure is that there isn’t going to be enough food, potable water & oil to go around if things keep going the way they are currently.

As the article points out, we’re seeing a lot of little, local crises popping up, but few people are bothering to tie it to the bigger picture. We’re reaching the point where the current ways of doing things will not be able to satisfy world demand. How much pain will we all need to go through before we start adapting the new scarcity paradigm? I wish I knew, but I’m afraid the answer will be: “a lot more than we’re seeing now.”



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