Happy Turkey Day

I’m tapping this out while waiting for two loaves of Pane Rustica to bake in the oven… our family’s contribution to our Thanksgiving meal is the two loaves, some potatoes, and some whole wheat dinner rolls I made last night as an experiment.   The recipe for the rolls came out of the “King Arthur Whole Grain Baking” book my lovely wife picked up for me recently… it’s a good recipe, where the wheatiness is cut by a few tablespoons of orange juice, and some honey is added to give a touch of sweetness.

Having little to do but wait for the loaves to bake, I whipped out my trusty laptop to do a little surfing & check my email.  Lo and behold, there was a note from Matt Savinar’s email list noting a story in the Wall Street Journal this morning titled “Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production.”  The WSJ article is behind a paywall, but it’s reproduced in full here.    As Matt notes in his listserv email,

“Some people will say this is a good thing, that it is evidence that “the word is getting out.” I beg to differ. What it indicates is that we are so close to plunging off the cliff that even the stalwart of establishment’s propaganda machine  – the Wall Street Journal – is no longer able to deny and obfuscate the truth.”  

While none of us have any idea how close to the proverbial cliff we are, Matt’s commentary makes sense to me, since papers like the WSJ have little reason to fan the flames of panic like this unless it’s becoming blatantly obvious that we’ve got some major problems looming ahead.   I don’t have a crystal ball, but I could see this being one of the last ‘normal’ holiday seasons we’ll have for some time, what with the dollar plunging, energy prices rising, and a general liquidity crunch slowly playing out in world financial markets.  What may pass for ‘normal’ when my children are grown may be quite different than what we are used to experiencing these days.

I spend too much time worrying about possible futures as it is, so I just wanted to simply note this story for all of you, and then get on with enjoying Thanksgiving with my family.   If you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a nice weekend.


2 Responses to Happy Turkey Day

  1. Jim says:

    I take it that your current hiatus is the result of turkey overconsumption recovery?

  2. Bart says:

    I’m suffering from a bad case of “Heavy Workload” with a dose of ‘uninspiration’ currently. There’s a lot of news out about oil and financial issues, but it’s mostly re-hashes of what we already know. We’re playing a sort-of waiting game to see what will happen with the US economy and the US dollar IMO.

    There’s a lot of noise in the system as the markets and the dollar fluctuate, but I think we’re in a short holding pattern until early next year. Everyone has a vested interest in keeping things as stable as possible during the holiday commercial season, so I don’t expect any more big swings until January at the earliest. Maybe I’ll be wrong on that front…

    Anyway, work is kicking my butt right now… I’ll post again soon once things slow down.

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