Greenspan: Iraq War Mostly About Oil

From the ‘No Shit, Sherlock’ department:

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, for years an inscrutable seer on the economy, is causing a stir by alleging in his new memoir that “the Iraq war is largely about oil.”

It must be wonderful to be old, retired & filthy rich, for Mr. Greenspan, a man known more for obfuscation versus clarity during his time as Fed Chairman, is now stating all sorts of things directly that will lose him friends in Washington.   Now, will he admit that encouraging Americans to take out ticking timebombs (aka ARM mortgages) was a stupid idea?



2 Responses to Greenspan: Iraq War Mostly About Oil

  1. OpEdna says:

    Haha the “No Shit Sherlock Department.” I hear that office is rife with people who think Katrina wasn’t handled so well. =)

  2. Bart says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’d suggest that one’s opinion of how well the Katrina episode was handled depends on the desired outcome. It’s a perfect test case for ‘Disaster Capitalism,’ one of my new favorite Orwellian newspeak terms of recent months…

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