Hurricane Dean: Good News/Bad News

Well, it appears that Dean will stay far enough South that it will miss the US and (more importantly for this site), the US oil infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. Dean looks like it’ll slam into the Yucatan Peninsula near the border with Belize as either a Cat 4 or Cat 5 storm, will lose a lot of strength over land, re-intensify a bit in the southern GOM, and then hit mainland Mexico again.

The good news (for us anyway) is that Dean will avoid major population centers and won’t hit the US directly at all. The bad news is that it’ll smack into the Cantarell oil complex and will likely cause some damage there. Oh, and the next storm in line appears to be forming in the Atlantic now, though it’s far enough north that it’ll likely avoid the Gulf, and if it does organize into a storm, it may just spin through the Atlantic and not hit the mainland at all. We’ll have to see. All I know for sure is that we’re just starting to hit the peak of hurricane season now.

Locally, we got a fair bit of rain over the weekend, though not nearly as much as people in Southern Minnesota. A house in our development was hit by lightning, which made a hellaciously loud thunderclap, and my son got to watch the local fire department use their ladder truck to good effect while putting out a small fire, and inspecting the roof of that unfortunate house. The hole was small, but there was at least 3 hours where the rain was running right into the attic.

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