Possible Hurricane in the Oil Patch?

I filled up my car this morning and was feeling pretty good about it. Gas was costing $2.65 per gallon for unleaded, and my wife had gotten a coupon from a local grocery store giving us $.45 off per gallon up to 12 gallons, so I filled up for around $2.20 per gallon… a nice deal.

Just now a work colleague told me that gas had jumped $.20 in the last hour. The reason?

This one is a long ways away from the Gulf, but it’s projected trajectory doesn’t look too good. Things can change, and perhaps the storm will either shift direction or lose power if it hits the gulf.  If the storm *does* hit the gulf, though, watch out.   Key West has been reporting a string of abnormally high low temperatures in recent weeks, including 87 F during the week of July 26th.  High air temps mean higher water temperatures, and that means stronger hurricanes.

We’ll see what comes with this storm, but it’s nice to see that our friends in the gas station business are already acting to lock in higher profits.   Since I just filled up this morning, I personally should be good to go for around ten or twelve days before having to fill up again.   Prices never seem to drop as fast as they rise, though.


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