USDA Predicts Higher Wheat Prices

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a grain mill off and on for several months now. I’m enjoying my first forays in the baking world, and am looking to expand my repertoire from the no-knead Italian peasant bread and whole wheat loaves I’v been doing so far. From what I’ve read, milling your own flour can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the finished product, so acquiring a mill seems like a logical next step.

Another good reason to buy a mill is that you can purchase the wheat berries in bulk, since they will keep for a very long time, which, if you read the news, might be an extra incentive.

I don’t think we’ll see shortages, but increasing prices seem to be in the cards. We’re seeing inflation in food prices across the board, but we could see an extra jump in the prices of bread, cereal and other similar products if the spring wheat harvest comes up light. Buying a couple of sacks of wheat berries might b a good idea… now to find places locally where I can buy in bulk.

HT: Urban Survival


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