New Movie Coming Soon: “The 11th Hour”

I’m not a huge movie-goer, but I saw a trailer today for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary “The 11th Hour” that looks pretty intriguing.   I’ve known for a while that DiCaprio was one of the ‘green’ celebrities out in Hollywood, and that he had read Thom Hartmann’s “Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight,” but wasn’t aware that he was that much of a believer in Climate Change, Peak Oil and the like.

The trailer itself is pretty short, but looking through the move website, it appears that DiCaprio has lined up an impressive number of experts for the film.  Here’s a short list of names you may recognize:

  • Lester Brown
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Paul Hawken
  • Steven Hawking
  • Thom Hartmann
  • Richard Heinberg
  • Bill McKibben
  • Matthew Simmons
  • David Suzuki
  • Joseph Tainter

There are 50 or more people appearing in the film, but those are some of the names that jumped out at me.   I’ll be curious to see what the overall message of the film is, since there’s a mix of viridians/technofix types along with some pessimists.   Based on the trailer, it appears to be trying to inspire Generation Y and the Millenials to take action as a sort of new ‘greatest generation.’    As a Gen-Xer myself, I think we’ll be shouldering plenty of the load as well, but we’re apparently too old to be lumped in with the cool kids..

The movie opens on both coasts on August 17th.


One Response to New Movie Coming Soon: “The 11th Hour”

  1. For everyone that is a Paul Hawken fan, I recommend checking out his latest book, Blessed Unrest. Which is both a description of the unprecedented number of organizations and people working towards social justice and environmental restoration and a history of the intellectuals that inform their work.

    I think one of the most important analogies Paul makes is between this new type of social movement and the immune system. The success of the immune system depends on the quality of its connections and the social movement’s success depends on the same. Connections, rather than the strength of any individual organization or person, will set the stage for our success. And as a result of Paul’s research, his staff created WiserEarth, an online tool to improve the quality of the connections between the millions of organizations and people that work in social justice, the environment and indigenous rights.

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