One Possible Energy Source for the Future

I’ve been having trouble getting my thoughts collected from the trip… in the meantime I found a link to this story from Urban Survival and thought it looked interesting.

Radiation-free fusion at a relatively affordable price?   Sounds good to me.  We’ll see if it turns out to be a viable source of energy or not… Boron is a fairly common element from the looks of it, and if I’m reading this Wikipedia article right, Boron 11 is the more common of the two isotopes that are out there.


2 Responses to One Possible Energy Source for the Future

  1. phaedrus says:

    “This is the only nuclear-energy releasing process in the whole world that releases fusion energy and three helium atoms — and no neutrons. This reaction is completely radiation free.”

    This certainly seems off.

    Nuclear energy which would presumably include “Fusion Energy” is radiation. Therefore, no radiation would mean no energy.

    The sort of radiation released by this reaction may be cleaner or easier to control/harness but just because “no neutrons” are released doesn’t mean that nuclear radiation – alpha, beta, and gamma aren’t occurring. Again, if they’re not, there is no energy to harness.

    Reminds me of the “Cold Fusion” thing a decade or two ago.

  2. Bart says:

    I’m no scientist, so I have no idea if this idea has legs or not… I believe the idea is that the end products are are stable, harmless elements instead of the isotopes that we get from uranium, plutonium & the like.

    What I’m more worries about is if we start kicking out so much helium that we all start talking like Alvin & the Chipmunks…

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