Back to Reality…

I’m back… it’s amazing how sometimes you end up being more tired after a vacation that you were before you left.   The place we stayed at was somewhat of a dump, but the kids had a good time, and I caught some nice fish (northern pike instead of walleye, but they both taste great!).

The place we stayed at was pretty far off the beaten track for Minnesota, but it still had all the amenities of home: wi-fi internet, cable TV, (spotty) wireless coverage.  Being an IT geek I brought the laptop with me but I only cracked it open once for about 5 minutes, I received not a single phone call, and I watched some TV but not too much.  The break from our 24 x 7 infotainment society was nice,  to be honest.  Evenings were spent reading or playing games with family instead of staring into one type of electronic box or another.

I had the opportunity to think about a number of things that relate to the themes of this blog and I plan on posting about them over the rest of the week.


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