Aqua Malus, Take 2

This is fabulous… just freakin’ fabulous.

A 3M study of its Cottage Grove plant shows high contamination levels. The MPCA says the cleanup will be complicated and expensive.

This truly seems to be turning into a Pandora’s box. We know a lot of these perflourochemicals have leeched into the groundwater in Washington County, but no-one’s really sure how dangerous they are, nor how hard they will be to clean up. Having lived in Washington Country for the last seven years, I’m sure my family and I have gotten a healthy dose of this stuff from eating out, or drinking water from a filter that can’t trap this stuff. We’ve got a nice reverse-osmosis filter for drinking water now, but unless we refuse to drink water from anywhere else, we’re still going to end up as human guinea pigs for an unintended science experiment.

If you live in or near Washington county, I’d suggest getting a good water filter if you don’t already have one… that, or move. With the housing market in the tank, it’ll be much easier to get the filter.
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6 Responses to Aqua Malus, Take 2

  1. phaedrus says:

    On the plus side, I’m pretty sure they’re giving out filters for free (my downstairs neighbor’s girlfriend is one of the people installing them).

    On the downside, if you’re within municipal water range and you’ve got a well, they’re forcing people to cap the well.

    Man, that would piss me off. Can you imagine having your own well and being required to cap it?

  2. Bart says:

    Good point regarding the filters… I wonder how many people know about this, though, and are taking advantage of the program? It’s not something we hear about.

    And yes, it would piss me off to be forced to use city water just because I was in the city limits… there are a number of ‘executive home developments’ in the area that have private well and sewer simply because they’re on 1acre+ homesites… I wonder if the city will force them to connect up, and who will pay for it?

  3. Dan says:

    I’m not a big fan of bottled water for eco reasons, but in this case it’s probably worth the exception. Does reverse osmosis remove all that crap? What brand and model do you have? I am in the market for a good water filter that would work against the farm run off chemicals present in the river that my city water draws from.

  4. Bart says:

    I have no idea if RO removes all of that stuff. I think it does, though, for several of the local water filters companies have engaged in a marketing blitz touting the benefits of their products.

    Not to be a sock puppet or anything, but we invested in a Kinetico system (softener & filter) and it’s a very nice system… no electricity, few moving parts, uses very little salt. Expensive but worth it IMO.

    The thing I hate is that since there’s no scientific evidence as to the effects of ingesting this stuff, no one is doing a whole lot… 3M is installing filters at pumping stations I believe, since that’s cheaper than facing a barrage of lawsuits from affected cities, but otherwise there’s a news story very few months and that’s it. We have enough other crap floating around in our systems that maybe this isn’t such a big deal, but then again maybe it is. Time will tell, I guess.

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks for the referral and I promise I won’t call you a sock puppet. I made the move into my girlfriend’s house and am now trying to dial it in to make it healthy and green as best I can. Now, if she only picked a house with more lawn space and less trees that shade the garden I’d be a more content man, but that’s what community gardens are for.

    On a unrelated side note, how’s your rehab going? Do you think you’ll have time and energy for a fall garden this year?

  6. Bart says:

    The rehab is going OK… I was in crutches for a month, then walking in a boot for a month and just started walking ‘normally’ this week. I’ve got no strength in my left leg right now, but that hopefully will change as I use it more.

    I’ve got a few peppers & herbs in pots right now that are behind schedule but otherwise flourishing. I’m thinking I’ll have some peppers in late August or early September if I’m lucky. Otherwise I bought most of the hardware necessary for a few square foot gardening beds prior to the surgery and will put them together sometime in August in anticipation of a fall garden of lettuce & the like.

    I’ll be making my yearly batch of salsa again this fall but once again will have to rely on produce from the local farmers’ market. Still cheaper (& better) than going to the grocery store.

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