The 90% Mobility Cut

Emme over at Simple Living has embarked on a project of reducing her carbon emmissions by 90% or more. It’s a noble effort that I fully admit I’m’ in no shape to emulate for the time being. Good luck!

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on at least a 90% mobility cut for a month or more. In the meantime, I’ll be thanking the powers that be that we have the miracles of anesthesia & high-powered pain-killers as we start down the back slope of Hubbert’s Peak. I’ve spent the last week tending to as much work around the house that I can do that require anything more energetic than sitting & complaining since I’ll be doing little else for a few weeks. This probably means my blogging will increase a bit since I’ll have plenty of downtime on my hands.

Anyway, my plans for a vegetable garden have been scuppered for this season. I’ll build the beds later this summer and get something growing in them, but my plans for bushels of tomatoes and peppers have come to naught. Such is life, but at least there’s the farmer’s market.
I’ve managed to plant six stands of raspberry canes behind my garage, and three out of four hops rhizomes appear to be growing well. I’m not expecting to get much in the way of yields from any of them this year while they concentrate on building out their roots. If nothing else this will hopefully break up the heavy clay soils in that garden bed; I’m amazed the worms can navigate through there at all.

Gas prices continue their long, slow march upward around here. I had the extreme displeasure of filling up at $3.26/gallon last weekend thanks in part to it being Minnesota’s fishing opener. The local news had several stories about local boaters who are feeling the pinch when it comes to filling up their craft. Most marinas are charging between four and five bucks per gallon, so a large cabin cruiser will be very expensive to fill up.

There are a couple of new houses being worked on in my neighborhood while at the same time there are a number of existing houses for sale that are simply not moving. It’ll be interesting to see how low prices have to come before there’s more action on these places. In at least one case the price has already been lowered by about 10% and still the house languishes.


One Response to The 90% Mobility Cut

  1. Beo says:

    Sorry to hear your laid up! Houses are sitting a long long time here as well, and gas is 3.42 and climbing in SE WI. You know its bad when it costs $50 to fill a Subaru…

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