Back From the Road Trip

I spent the weekend in South Dakota visiting an old friend of mine. Not much exciting to report other than it’s interesting to see the proliferation of wind turbines popping up in Southwestern Minnesota. I counted a good 20-30 turbines that I could see from I-90, and I know there’s a bunch more in the Buffalo Ridge area north of Worthington.

While I was coming home today, I had the cruise control on and spent a few moments just watching the pavement rushing by my car. Here I was, sitting comfortably doing very little while my energy slaves were conveying me home quickly. What used to be a long journey from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls a century ago was completed in just four hours. The amount of sheer power at my control (at a reasonable price to boot) is amazing when you think about it, and when the price of gas becomes too expensive for many of us to take such car trips anymore, the road trip may join other past forms of travel like flying boats or passenger ships as romanticized icons of ages gone by.


2 Responses to Back From the Road Trip

  1. Dan says:

    A little off topic, but definately related to this post. There are couple cities in Iowa that are without unleaded gas right now. Is this a hint at what’s in store this summer?

    Fuel Suppliers Hit By Shortage
    Gas Prices Rise

  2. Bart says:

    Could be… some of the shortage right now is blamed on switching over from winter blends to summer ones, I think, but we’ll need to keep a close watch on gas supplies, or we could see more shortages around the country later this summer. For now, I think this is just a blip based on poor inventory management by local suppliers…

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