This is What Collapse May Look Like

April 14, 2007

John Michael Greer has written another very good post about one possible pattern a post-peak economic collapse may look like.  As usual with his posts, it’s good stuff.


Gardening Stuff & Related Nonsense

April 14, 2007

I was at the local mega-bookseller trying to fight off the urge to buy a copy of “Square Foot Gardening” yesterday (I did) when I saw something very unusual. This particular bookstore (one of the major national chains) has devoted a good 4 feet of shelf space to titles related to growing marijuana. This is either something new or else I wasn’t paying attention before. Considering that possession or use of pot is illegal in Minnesota (medical marijuana is allowed in a few circumstances), I thought it odd that they were selling a number of books devoted to growing the finest weed you can.

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