Kunstler: We Must Imagine a Future Without Cars

April 6, 2007

Alternet has posted a transcript of my favorite peak oil pundit’s latest speech to the Commonwealth Club of California.   This is the latest variation on Kunstler’s usual stump speech about peak oil and whatnot, so a lot of the information is old hat to some folks, but there’s some new stuff in there as well.

There’s also an MP3 of his speech available here.

Imagining a future without cars seems both pleasant and scary at the same time.  Having grown up with cars in suburbia during the heyday both, I’m very comfortable with car culture even as I recognize it’s limitations and ultimate decline looming in the future.   Recognizing the need to change one’s culture and actually doing so are two very different things.    I’m slowing moving to action where I can.

HT: Carolyn Baker