Weekend Update

It’s late March in Minnesota, and I’m sitting here with the windows open, wearing shorts and a T-Shirt while I’m writing this post. We shattered the high temperature record for today, topping out around 83F or so. Freakish weather for this time of year. I celebrated it by cleaning four month’s accumulation of dog crap in my backyard, supervised by my son. More compost for the scrub pines growing in the back corners of my yard. Woe be unto any of the neighborhood kids that dare fool around back there.

We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday on Sunday. My wife’s family tradition is to throw a huge party for the extended family, so we invited nearly 30 people, most of which attended. My wife made her fabulous lasagna, and I received several requests to make the Pane Rustica that I am now famous for. So, I started fermenting four loaves of sticky dough the night before the part, and then baked the bread in shifts.

The nicest part about making the bread was the complements I got from everyone. I’m not known for my culinary expertise in the kitchen, so most people were initially surprised that I could make something that tasty, and then started dropping hints about how I can bring bread along to any party they throw. Tightwadders will also appreciate that I made all four loaves out of one small sack of flour that cost me less than three dollars. I also made a few batches of pancakes and some other stuff out of that sack as well. Had I bought the loaves in the store, I’d likely have paid at least three bucks per loaf, I’m guessing. Not too shabby for maybe an hour’s worth of work.

Here’s the finished product… there were only a few pieces left by the end of the party.

Pane Rustica * 4

In other news, my seed order from Seed Savers arrived on Friday. My order was shorted the Tiger Eye beans (damn!), but was otherwise complete. The ground is drying out, and I expect to be ready to start digging the garden out in a few weeks’ time. Middle-April or so.

Seed Packets


2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Rebecca says:

    There’s been freakish weather everywhere lately. There were tornados in New Mexico over the weekend! The weather here (Alabama) has been ghastly. We are in a deep drought and there’s no sign of it breaking anytime soon. Furthermore, it has been 80+ degress all month, and nearly broke ninety the past few days. It’s been getting hot earlier every year, but this year we seem to have gone into overdrive and skipped spring entirely.

  2. It’s nice to have people clamoring for something that you make in the kitchen. Makes a man feel good!

    Those loaves look darn tasty.

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