Slow Food Minnesota

I just found the website for Slow Food Minnesota, my local chapter of Slow Food USA.   I’ve been familiar with the Slow Food movement for a while but had never bothered to look up any information about the local group that I vaguely knew about.

The local group’s event list definitely trends towards highbrow cuisine at some of the nicer restaurants in town, which may not be what some people are looking for, but they do focus on local food, which is a good thing.

The local chapter also has some interesting links for local food producers and purveyors.

Worth a look, especially if you’re in the Twin Cities area.   I wonder if they’d be interested in a tightwadder’s potluck event…


3 Responses to Slow Food Minnesota

  1. Rebecca says:

    Most restaurants that serve local food tend to be high-brow for some reason. Which is probably why they meet there. But it doesn’t help those of us on a budget!

  2. Bart says:

    I agree. It’s interesting that the Slow Food Movement seems to have morphed into an expensive, epicurean movement over here considering it’s start with some communist/leftist groups over in Italy.

    There are other local food options in the area, but since they’re not trendy and expensive places to eat, they may not make the cut. Places like the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis, for example.

    Anyway, I may be unfair to the local movement… I’ll have to do some more research and see if this is a knee-jerk reaction on my part, or if this is truly their focus.

  3. Jared says:

    Mmmmm! I like the Birchwood Cafe! And I’d be interested in a tightwadder’s potluck, especially after I’m growing my own food (so it only costs time and labor).

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