NAE Attempts to Remove “Creation Care” Proponent From Board

Here’s another great example of right-wing ideological chuckleheads giving Christians a bad name:

“More than two dozen evangelical leaders are seeking the ouster of the Rev. Richard Cizik from the National Association of Evangelicals because of his “relentless campaign” against global warming.”

Apparently anything that would slow down the arrival of the rapture is verboten, especially when it also takes evangelicals’ focus away from persecuting homosexuals and telling women that they don’t have the right to make critical medical decisions on their own.

Richard Cizik is hardly some left-winger, for what it’s worth, but apparently his showing concern for God’s creation is troubling some of his compatriots on the NAE.

“We believe that some of that misunderstanding about evangelicalism and its ‘conservative views on politics, economics, and biblical morality’ can be laid at Richard Cizik’s door.”

Somehow, trying to preserve what they admit the Lord made is somehow immoral… go figure.


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