Farewell to the Heroes

Ghawar, Burqan, Cantarell, Da Qing.

These are the true heroes of our generation

Four vast pools of energy that lay dormant for eons

awaiting discovery.



One by one, we uncovered them

and rejoiced in their seemingly unending bounty.

Of all the fields in the world, these four were kings,

yielding millions of barrels every day

so that we could throw off the shackles of sustainability

for a short while.



They were all the gods of Olympus rolled into one;

Prometheus, Demeter, Mercury, and most of all Mars.

Through their bounty most anything was possible.

Energy deified.


Alas, Hubbert’s grim curve now beckons for them all.




Da Qing


Like most gods throughout time we took your presence for granted,

stopped being thankful for your gifts, and

instead demanded them as our birthright.

And we wasted much.


We consume without thought for the future.

What took eons to make

has been burned in the blink of an eye.


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