Another Reason Why Climate Change Won’t Be Fixed In Time

Syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote a whopper of an op-ed that was printed in the Strib this week.   Goldberg, who is also a writer for the conservative/neocon magazine National Review, wrote that the prosperity we can gain by not fixing global warming is worth a degree or two rise in global temperatures.  The wealthy can sit in their climate-conditioned bunkers in the future and revel in their good fortune, counting their gold while the rest of the planet swelters.

I’ll give Goldberg points for laying out his argument in plain and simple language, but I still think he’s off-base.   I would venture to guess, though, that his line of thinking is probably popular among big business, since the effect of future profits is eaiser to gauge than the effect of a numerically small rise in temperature.

Once again, the mindset of short-term gain trumping long-term sustainability rears its ugly head.

9 Responses to Another Reason Why Climate Change Won’t Be Fixed In Time

  1. Jared says:

    I shuddered to read that article.

  2. Bart says:

    This won’t be the last bit of obfuscation to be dumped on the general public about climate change. The goals isn’t to seriously debate the issue as much as it is to simply muddy the waters enough that most people stay confused and apathetic about things so the status quo can stay in place a while longer.

  3. While he sounds like a moron talking about global warming, he’s at least smart enough to see ethanol for what it is. Isn’t that something?

  4. Bart says:

    It is, but at the same time he’s still essentially laying out the case that paying to ‘fix’ global warming will harm the economy and not do much good, let’s keep the game going a while longer until we’re really screwed…

  5. Burdock says:

    Well I see Mr. Goldberg went directly from denial to doom. We can’t fix it so why bother. Maybe technology will solve it in the future. No mention of conservation. People are richer so it was all worth it. These talking points drive me bonkers.

  6. Dan says:

    I agree with Burdock Boy on the we can’t fix so why bother point. I saw David Korten speak last year. He’s with Yes! magazine and is one of a small few that have a somewhat positive outlook on climate change and PO. He talks about this thinking leading to hopelessness that there’s nothing we can do, instead of using creative thinking to help solve the problem. He also mentioned the tactic of giving people false hope that some techno fix is coming down the pike to rescue us and this leads to complacency. In a nutsheel, it’s about disempowering people into thinking that any changes they do doesn’t matter, leave the solutions to us and let’s keep on doing the same ol’ thing until it’s too late.

  7. Bart says:

    It’s a fine line to walk for sure.

    The situation is not hopeless. Life will continue, albeit probably with a radically different pattern of living. Less toys, less travel, less leisure, but perhaps a more connected life that is ultimately more rewarding.

  8. Ellen says:

    And now for the REST of the story….
    You may benefit greatly from reading the information on the website below regarding Climate Change and the research that has been done by scientists who do not have a political agenda, nor do they care about political correctness. To quote another of your posts – maybe you need to “pee on the fence” to find the truth about the research that has been done on global warming…

  9. Bart says:

    Thanks for your comment. For what it’s worth, I’ve continued to monitor the news stories regarding climate change, and I am somewhat less strident these days about how much of this can be attributed directly to human intervention versus the normal cyclical nature of the Earth.

    That said, there are agendas being laid out by all parties, including SEPP. A quick Google search can point out the funding behind SEPP, and that makes them less than virtuous crusaders.

    Exxon, Shell, and Revered Moon? Come on…

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