Going to See Will Steger this Weekend

Arctic explorer Will Steger is setting off on a new expedition this winter to Baffin Island, Canada to raise awareness of the impact global warming is having on the polar regions. I’ll be attending the kickoff event for Steger’s expedition at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival on Saturday.

It’s from noon to 1:30 or so at Harriet Island. I’ll be posting a story about the event to Groovy Green sometime next week.

Global Warming 101 Badge


2 Responses to Going to See Will Steger this Weekend

  1. Keith says:

    Hey, it turns out I’m gonna be free tomorrow… I may come check this out. Do you have more precise directions for how to get there? Where are Harriet Island will the kickoff take place? I should be easy to spot; I may be the only person there that shows up on a recumbent bicycle… so feel free to come say “hi” if you see me.

  2. Bart says:

    The entrance to the Harriet Island area appears to be right around 1 west water street:


    The event is in the pavillion, and I’m linking to another map below… If I see you, I’ll definitely say hello.


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