Garden Beds

January 20, 2007

I’ve pretty much decided on putting in slighty-raised beds in the backyard. The local DIY store sells ‘garden timbers’ that will make a nice & relatively inexpensive boundary around the garden, which will probably keep both my neighbors and the homeowner’s association landscaping police off my back.

The beds themselves will be a couple of inches higher than the surrounding lawn; enough to keep people from accidentally stepping in them (hopefully), while not being so high as to make raking, spading, weeding and other mundane chores too much of a pain in the butt. My plan is to buy enough timber to make a frame around the entire garden area, and then have 12-18 inch-wide paths inside there for moving around and working.  Does this sound like a good plan of attack, or are there some other ideas that you all have found work better?

I’m thinking about putting in fencing of some sort to keep both the local rodentia (rabbits and voles, mostly) out along with our dog, who is well-meaning but nosy, and has large enough paws to do some serious damage chasing balls or animals into the garden. How many of you put some sort of animal fencing around your beds?