Food for Thought

For fiscal year 2004 , $1 trillion of the $2.2 trillion US budget went to three entitlement programs: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

By 2030, there will be twice as many retirees as there are workers in the United States, and the burden these entitlement programs place on the US budget will only worsen.

Right now, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) is stating that the USA is insolvent.

Most Americans, and surely everyone under the age of 50 has grown up in an age of plenty.  It was logical to always expect more, bigger and better for everything in our lives.   Between oil depletion, fiscal mismanagement, and climate change, current and future generations will experience a much different outlook.    Instead of an Age of More, we will be entering an Age of Less.

“A government big enough to give us everthing we want is a government big enough to take from us everything we have.” President Gerald Ford 1913 – 2006. RIP


4 Responses to Food for Thought

  1. madmouser says:

    It will soon become a culture shock for this generation. They are dependent on having everything they want and not by earning it, but rather by having it given to them, as if they deserve it for being born.
    My heart goes out to them when reality hits them in the butt because it is not entirely their fault. If you think we have a suicide problem now, just wait…I do not believe they will be equipped to deal with the problems they will be facing.
    This social safety net the government has devised will be our downfall. This is one of the reasons they want to allow the illegal aliens to become citizens. 20 million people paying into the social pig trough. It will only delay the inevitable for a short time. It will be interesting to watch, if nothing else.

  2. meowblog says:

    Hi Madmouser… thanks for the comment.

    While I agree with you that the suicide rate will probably rise, I think we will also see a huge spike in both ‘civil disobedience’ and rioting from what Kunstler calls the “formerly middle class.” As you say, they will not take the loss of their entitlement birthrights well at all, and someone will need to pay the price.

    I wonder if the government’s allowing those illegal aliens in is a plan to keep the system going, or if it’s a plan to take the system down faster, since those same illegal aliens put extra strain on other safety nets like health care. Regardless, either way, the system as it currently stands is on life support. The only question is, for how long?

  3. kwark says:

    Don’t worry, by 2030 the issue will what CAN we fund after paying to service the enormous debt we are assuming now. If W and his pals current groundwork is effective, all those pesky entitlement programs will be history and what little is left will be used to enforce the police state with the (then) all mercenary army run by Blackwater and Haliburton.

  4. Dana says:

    What ticks me off about this is it’s been trotted out for ages that we’ll sink because of “entitlement” (what an ugly word) programs for the poor. But what’s two-thirds of that one trillion? Programs mainly for the elderly. Also the disabled and the widowed and orphaned (in the case of Social Security for the latter), but mostly for the elderly.

    Who does the government always cut first? Conversely, whose butts do the government always kiss? Who’s going around saying “keep the government out of my health care”?

    Sure, they contributed to society… at one time. A few of them might still be doing so. But really, you could say that about the poor. Not everyone poor started out poor. Some started out being productive citizens. Many of them still *are*, in fact–I’d like to see you run a country without a lower class, who’d run the hotels and the schools and the restaurants and so on? But they don’t make enough pay to not need any help. So they’re seen as parasites when they might not actually be. Contrast this with the elderly, especially the baby boomers who grew up selfish, were still selfish as adults and now selfishly expect to get something for nothing when they couldn’t be bothered to raise their own kids and don’t bother much with their grandkids either, and many of them got us into this mess in the first place.

    I love my parents and wouldn’t trade them for the world… but their generation’s got a lot to answer for.

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