Learning the Skills to Pay the Bills

Rob Hopkins has a great post today at Transition Culture talking about peak oil pessimism and how it relates to the current generation of men figuring out that the skills we have acquired to excel at our jobs have left us more or less useless when it comes to dealing with the challenges that a low energy society will bring.

Being one of the males in the 25-40 age range working in IT that he talks about, my vocational skills will be be of zero use in trying to figure out how to stay warm, eat and clothe my family. That’s why I’m taking on unusual hobbies for guys my age like vegetable gardening, canning, homebrewing, cheesemaking, etc. At least I’ll be able to eat well…

I doubt that it’s related, but the knitting craze has been taking many of the women in our circle of family & friends by storm. In addition to the social and creative aspects of the hobby, it will be a useful skill to have here in Minnesota and elsewhere in the Great White North when cheap sweaters from China or wherever stop being cheap (in price, at least). I thought having computers as a hobby was expensive until I saw how much my sister was paying for imported wool yarn from New Zealand…wow.

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