Great post on Biofuels at TOD

Biofuels are going to be part of our energy future… there’s no way around that. Unlike a lot of people who are promoting ethanol without really looking at the math behind it, the poster “Enigneer Poet” at The Oil Drum has written a thoughful new post concerning smarter ways to replace oil and gasoline.

After rightly pointing out that ethanol is EROEI-negative, EP goes on to list other methods and processes for getting usable fuel out of biomass. I don’t have the expertise to critique his article, but plenty of other folks are chiming in on the comments thread.

The only quibble I have is, do we have enough time and enough political willpower to overcome the intertia built in to our corporate, short-term, profit-oriented system? Hard to say, but I’m cynically taking the position that the powers that be here in the US won’t do anything until the fecal material has already started to hit the fan.

Regardless, the post is highly recommended.


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