Taking Stock of Thanksgiving

I’m still recovering from tryptophan overload on Thursday, but had to opportunity to work some of it off on a sunny, 56F day, which is unseasonally mild for the end of November. We’ve been blessed with two mild winters in a row here in Minnesota… perhaps we’re in for a third? Regardless of whether it’s climate change or just normal weather patterns, I’m thankful for the low heating bill this month.

Our Thanksgiving meal was a normal one for my family… too much food, so we took home lots of leftovers. The difference is this year my wife actually volunteered to take the turkey carcass home, where it’s currently in the process of being rendered down into soup stock. I’m already drooling thinking about the several batches of homemade turkey-noodle soup we’ll get out of it.

This is a turning point of sorts for my family; in the past the missus has refused to deal with bones and the like in any of her meat, but I think she’s seen the light regarding the high-quality soup stock you can get with a little extra work versus buying the canned stuff in the grocery store.

We’ll see how far her newfound interest in bones go this weekend when we go grocery shopping. A whole fryer chicken or two would be divine. Dark meat for me, and fresh chicken stock.


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