The Key to Modern Life is Strategic Ignorance

A great quote from an article in the Washington Post magazine about the Earthaven Ecovillage in NC. This is actually a pretty balanced article about how and why people choose to live in intentional communities (don’t you dare call them communes), and how it may shed some light on how future generations may be forced to live.

I must admit that I like having access to ample amounts of electricity and propane at the house, and the thought of lugging my own water from the nearby stream would probably lose it’s anachronistic appeal within a day or two. That said, the life these people live here is a lot better than being in either a dystopian police state or chaotic wasteland. I applaud these folks for volunteering to drop out of society and truly live their beliefs.

Earthaven practices permaculture techniques extensively, and is also active in green building. If it were closer to me, I’d love to visit it just to see what all they’ve been able to accomplish.

Hat Tip to Life After the Oil Crash for highlighting this article.


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