Kunstler on “Energy Independence”

James Howard Kunstler, author of “The Long Emergency,” riffs on the Democrats and their plans for “energy independence” in this week’s entry of his always-entertaining “Clusterfuck Nation” blog. Eloquent and blunt at the same time, and I’m happy for once that he’s not re-using his old joke about our rail system and how Bulgarians would be ashamed of it.

Once again, as long as both parties continue to operate like they can keep our current way of life going indefinitely with biofuels and the like, no real progress will be made on reconfiguing our nation to a more sustainable model. We have an obligation to not strip the planet bare and leave our grandkids a hot, dry ball of sand to live on. Until the leadership of both major parties lifts their head out of the corporate hog trough, though, they won’t understand, nor would they listen if they did.


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