British Power Company: Send Kids to bed with Hats on to save power

From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” dept.:

Families facing record heating bills are being told by one of Britain’s
largest energy suppliers to encourage their children to go to bed in woolly hats
or clutching “microwaveable rice cloth bags”.

In a move which critics suggested was patronising, npower published advice saying parents could keep their children as “snug as a bug” by “getting them to wear socks and a hat in bed during the coldest nights, and taking a hot water bottle or microwavable rice cloth bag to bed”.

They could also keep children warm by tucking them into a sleeping bag. Children should avoid prolonged periods of watching TV [so] “try to keep the family active in the evenings and at weekends”, it said.

While it’s actually good advice, the fact that a national power company in one of the most modern countries in the world is advising customers this way should be seen as a warning shot across the bow of the industrial world. The days of being able to afford to keep your home at a comfortable 70F all year round are numbered.

Speaking of that, I need to amend my Christmas list to include a nice new pair of thermal underwear…


Hat tip to George Ure at Urban Survival

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