Quick Look at the News

Nothing major to rant about today… just a few interesting tidbits.

Americans apparently do possess short memories, since large SUV sales rose in October due to temporarily lower gas prices. General Motors says “Thanks, suckers!” Come next summer when gas prices get back to their normal price ranges, there will be much gnashing of teeth, methinks.

Can you afford an 80% pay cut? That’s the question John Michael Greer asks in another great post detailing why the jackals we have governing us will not offer any real solutions to the coming peak oil/economic crisis/global warming/bird flu/grain shortage/water shortage deluge that’s heading our way soon. Worth your time.

Speaking of Bird Flu, the local news channels are starting up stories again about how scientists are worried about how fast the H5N1 strain seems to mutate, and that we should be thankful it hasn’t figured out how to easily transmit itself from human to human yet. Link.

I’d like to have David Walker’s job as Comptroller General of the United States. With a 15-year mandate running until 2013, he’s pretty much impervious to political pressue from either party. He’ll need that, since he’s doing his best to alert everyone to the perilous situation the USA is in with regards to it’s national debt. Currently at 8.5 trillion dollars or so, Walker states that every year the pols in Washington dither and refuse to take action, the debt will grow by another 1 to two trillion dollars. Definintely not chump change. I can see a few ‘solutions’ to this problem: 1) we simply repudiate our loans; 2) we downgrade or remove many of the entitlement programs that are eating up larger portions of the budget every year; or 3) we simply inflate the debt away. All of these solutions will involve the destruction of the US economy, I think.


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