We are Captives of Our Freedom

I found this post’s title in a nice overview of historical oil shortages written by Ronald Cook on 321 Energy. It’s a great idea that’s easily summed up: We’ve taken the freedom granted to us by cheap energy (primarily oil), and used that freedom to live where we want, regardless of climate or distance from where we work, shop or recreate.

Cheap gasoline has enabled white flight, suburban sprawl, the exurbs, lake homes, NIMBY-ism, Wal-Mart, and a host of other things that we take for granted in our lives. Well, when our daily ‘fix’ of oil gets to be a lot more expensive, that same freedom will come back to bite us hard. Between rising costs for anything not made within a short distance of our residence, plummeting home values in outer suburbia and the exurbs, and a lot of suddenly broke and unemployed people, it’s easy to see why the government is putting a lot of money into ‘non-lethal’ crowd control devices


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