$2.96 to $3.19 in two hours

I had to take my daughter to a medical appointment in Saint Paul this morning… one the way into town, the local gas stations were advertising regular unleaded at $2.96 per gallon; more or less the same rate it’s been for a few weeks. Two hours later we’re coming back the other way, and the good folks at SuperAmerica have raised the rate to $3.19, while the Holiday down the street was still at $2.96. I quickly gassed up at Holiday, and my wife is now telling me that Holiday is following suit and raising prices accordingly.

I had expected the price to rise with Tropical Storm Chris looking to head into the oil patch in the Gulf of Mexico, but the latest reports has it weakening quickly

Perhaps it has something to do with US Army generals tesitfying before Congress today that the situation in Iraq is getting worse, and might be heading towards civil war.

Or maybe it’s just because SA is a bunch of greedy bastards who love to set the price for gas in the Twin Cities area.

As an amusing anecdote, the local SA in Newport was being picketed this morning by what appears to be striking workers from the Marathon refinery down the road. They were handing out flyers and telling customers to go gas up at Holiday instead, which plenty of people were doing, at least until Holiday raised their prices to match.


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