Tom Whipple

One of my favorite peak oil commentators is Tom Whipple. A retired CIA analyst, Whipple writes a weekly colmun for the Falls Church News-Press, a local paper in the Washington DC suburbs whose readership includes a number of policy makers inside the Beltway. Mr. Whipple is decidedly in the camp that oil depletion is for real, and his weekly columns butress his argument well. He also is the editor of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil – USA‘s weekly Peak Oil Review. If you’re interested in energy depletion issues at all, I heartily suggest you subscribe to this free service.

Whipple’s current piece, The Guns of August (redux), covers his thoughts on parellels between the current Middle East crisis and the start of World War I in 1914. Not a comforting thought, but then there’s little to take comfort in regarding world politics these days.

Staying above the level of alarmist, sensationalized writing, Whipple logically adresses the issue of peak oil in a fashion that is both compelling and easy to follow. His archived columns can be read here.

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