I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday…

Minnesota state highway 62, also known as the ‘Crosstown’, has been a major highway in the Twin Cities Metro area for decades. Growing up in the land of cake, I have many unpleasant memories of taking the Crosstown many places, and if it was between the hours of 3PM and 7PM during the workweek, those memories mostly consist of crawling along at 5 mph while hoping the radiator on my classy Chevy Citation didn’t blow up.

It’s quite interesting to see that the construction project for this major traffic artery, which is long-past due for a major overhaul, is slipping another year due to no-one liking the state’s creative financing proposal.

If we can’t find the cash to pay for a critical piece of the metro’s infrastructure, I’m guessing that the outer ring suburbs shouldn’t be going to the state to look for help with their roadway projects. There’s a lot less bang for the buck in improving trunk routes in some of these bedroom communities. It appears we’re getting to the point where the road network is getting too expansive and therefore too costly to maintain properly. What fun that’ll be for people living in outer suburbia where not only do you get to pay $7 for gas, but you need some sort of offroad gas-guzzler to get to your house due to the crappy roads?


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